Oasis PF1PVHSK - 504256 - Hot, Room Temperature, and Cold Point-of-Use Water Cooler with Sediment, Carbon Lead, and Ceramic Filtration (Bottleless Water Cooler) - OBSOLETE

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Part Number: PF1PVHSK

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This model has been discontinued.
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The Oasis PF1PVHSK Bottleless Water Cooler is part of the Oasis Kalix Series which is the industry's only water cooler with the revolutionary Pressure Vessel Direct Chill (PVDC) system. PVDC System offers reduced leak points and a closed system for a more sanitary cooler. The Oasis PF1PVHSK dispenses three types of water temperatures: the first one dispenses hot water for tea, hot chocolate, instant soups, etc., the second one dispenses room temperature water for cooking, and the third one dispenses chilled water for drinking. The Oasis PF1PVHSK includes the Oasis 2-Stage Green Filter System, used to reduce chorline, lead and remove taste and odors your drinking water.This is a solid and reliable cooler, while still having a stylish and modern design.

Oasis PF1PVHSK Features
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Pressure Vessel Direct Chill system provides:
    • Efficient cooling
    • Reduced leak points
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Closed system for a more sanitary cooler
  • Cold Water Performance:
    • 8 consecutive 6 oz cups below 50°F
    • 40 x 6 cups per hour
  • Soft touch, solenoid activated water dispenser
  • Two piece cooling tank
  • Lower front panel removes for easy filter installation/access
  • Removable, self-draining drip tray
  • 5 year limited warranty
Oasis PF1PVHSK Specifications
  • Cabinet:
    ABS plastic top and front with re-movable metal side panels.
  • Cold Water Refrigeration Unit:
    Convection cooled condenser. Internal, spring mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication needed. Refrigerant is controlled accurately by a capillary tube.
  • Cold Water Thermostat:
    Temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with “Off” position that is easily accessible on the rear of the unit. Adjustable thermostat with safety limiter. Located on front display.
  • Cold Water Reservoir:
    Two piece, type 300 series stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Two Piece Hot Water Tank:
    Tank is constructed of type 300 series stainless steel. The 500 watt element can be replaced on site, reducing time and service costs. Two piece hot tank is easily replaced or serviced.
  • Hot Water Capacity:
    45 x 6 oz cups of piping hot water per hour. 1 1/2 quart storage tank.
  • Hot Water Thermostat:
    Adjustable thermostat with safety limiter. Located on front display.
  • Green Filter System:
    2-stage filter system with replaceable cartridge inserts avoids throwing away cartridge housings. Stage 1 sediment filters dirt and dust particles. Stage 2 reduces chlorine, tastes, odors, and lead.
  • Drip Receptor:
    Two piece drip tray lifts out for easy removal. Molded for durability, dishwasher safe. Can be tapped to run to a waste drain.
  • Electrical:
    115 volts, 60 Hertz. Water cooler compressor 1/20 hp. Three wire service cord and polarized plug furnished.
  • Warranty:
    (Within the Continental Limits of the United States and Canada) Limited five year warranty. Five years on the sealed refrigeration system and most component parts. Detailed warranty certificate enclosed with each water cooler; sample copy available above.
Product Details
Manufacturer Oasis
Model # PF1PVHSK - 504256
Dimensions 12.75" Wide x 13.5" Deep x 43.75" High
Net Weight 51 lbs.
Certified UL Listed

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