Haws PBA6C - Antimicrobial Copper Push Button for 5874PBF Valve

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The Haws PBA6C provides a safe and hygienic way to upgrade existing Haws drinking fountains. The flanged push button assembly can be used as an option to the chrome push button supplied with the 5874PBF valve system, is made with 99.9% copper plating (button only), and includes the push button, operator, round locknut, snap ring, and wave washer. This model is used on flush mounted (not recessed) push button drinking fountains. Note: Copper is broadly recognized for its antimicrobial properties across many industries including hospitals. Copper and its alloys, such as brass, bronze and copper-nickel, are inherently antimicrobial. When cleaned regularly, frequently touched surfaces manufactured from uncoated copper alloy materials will continuously kill bacteria that cause infections.

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