Haws 5705 - Solid Brass Bubbler Head

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This is a genuine factory Haws 5705 - Solid Brass Bubbler Head and is designed with a shielded bubbler incorporating an anti-squirt angled drinking stream. An angled stream discourages direct mouth contact making the drinking area much more sanitary. Unit comes further equipped with vandal resistant mounting materials including: lock nut, washer, and pin to prevent unit from turning. Laminar flow insert prevents splashing so the drinking stream and area stay contained.

Dimensions: Overall height is 3-3/16", basin shank is 3/8", 11/16" diameter, and 3/4" long. Connection is a 1/4" inlet.

Product Details
Manufacturer Haws
Part # 5705
Description Vandal Resistant Bubbler Head

Category: Haws Bubbler Valves

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