Haws 5060LF - Brass Bubbler Valve

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This is a genuine factory Haws 5060LF - Brass Bubbler Valve equipped with a shielded, anti-squirt orifice that provides a steady sanitary source of water.

Bubbler is pre-built and fully water and pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function for reduced installation time and added peace of mind. Unit is to be mounted vertically on 1/2" IPS pipe and is constructed from lead-free polished chrome-plated brass, making this bubbler valve resistant to corrosive materials and easy too keep clean. Unit comes further equipped with in-line strainer to protect against contaminates.

Connection is 1/2" IPS inlet.

Product Details
Manufacturer Haws
Part # 5060LF
Description Self Closing Bubbler Valve

Category: Haws Bubbler Valves