Haws 5051LF - Self Closing Mounted Bubbler Valve

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Part Number: 5051LF
This is a genuine factory Haws 5051LF - Self Closing Mounted Bubbler Valve and is equipped with a shielded, anti-squirt orifice that provides a steady sanitary source of water.

Bubbler is pre-built and fully water and pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function for reduced installation time and added peace of mind.

Unit is to be mounted from sink or counter top and is constructed from a lead-free polished chrome-plated brass, making this bubbler valve resistant to corrosive materials and easy too keep clean. Unit comes further equipped with vandal resistant pins to prevent the unit from turning.

Dimensions: Bottom of flange to top is 6-1/2"; flange diameter is 2".

Product Details
Manufacturer Haws
Part # 5051LF
Description Self Closing Bubbler Valve

Category: Haws Bubbler Valves

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