Haws 3150FR ADA Freeze-Resistant Concrete Pedestal Outdoor Drinking Fountain (Non-refrigerated)

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Part Number: 3150FR

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The Haws 3150FR uses a freeze-resistant valve assembly to provide year round operation. Fully engineered pneumatic valve assembly is one of the best in freeze-resistant technologies. The "Hi-Lo" adult or child barrier free design of the 3150FR allows the square pedestal to be placed securely in multiple locations, all while providing for twice the users as regular drinking fountains. Equipped with vandal resistant components, this fountain is not easily disrupted, quickly discouraging the worst of vandals.


  • Cast concrete with wire reinforcement and exposed aggregate finish offers an extremely solid and highly protected fountain.
  • Adjustable design allows the arm to be mounted at adult or child height as required by ADA.
  • Hood extension protects the bubbler head with a partial enclosure, for a greater protected drinking point.
  • Simplistic Portland Gray cement creates just the right amount of appeal for an outdoor fountain.

Haws 3150FR Category:

Model 3150FR "Hi-Lo" adult or child barrier-free freeze-resistant, square, wire reinforced concrete pedestal drinking fountain shall include polished stainless steel basins, hood extensions to protect the chrome-plated brass bubbler heads, adjustable height child ADA capable arm, polished chrome-plated vandal-resistant waste strainers that allow for top down access, and push-button activated pneumatic valve system. Portland Gray in color with exposed aggregate finish and wire reinforced, and 1-1/2" slip

Product Details

ADA Compliant
Barrier Free
Cooling Capacity
Freeze Resistant
GreenSpec Listed
Installation Type
Vandal Resistant

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