Halsey Taylor HTHB-HAC8BLPV-NF HYDROBOOST Bi-Level Barrier Free 8 GPH Filterless Water Cooler and Bottle Filling Station (Refrigerated Drinking Fountain)

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The Halsey Taylor HTHB-HAC8BLPV-NF HYDROBOOST Bottle Filling Station is a self-contained, wall-mounted, bi-level unit that delivers chilled drinking water. Exclusive one-piece, chrome-plated twostream Double Bubbler™ with non-removable anti-squirt feature and integral hood. Automatic stream height regulator is located inside unit to prevent tampering. A constant stream height is automatically maintained under line pressures that vary from 20 to 105 psi. Includes self-closing, light touch front and side pushbar actuation with raised letters for the visually impaired. Non-corrosive Type 300 series stainless steel cooler top with satin finish resists stains. Basin includes anti-splash ridge and contoured to insure proper drainage

ADA Compliant:
These Water Coolers comply with the requirements of A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) when properly installed. Also meets the guidelines for children?s environments providing the floor to orifice height is 30" or less and proper clear floor space is provided for parallel approach. (Based on Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board final ruling.) Check Local and State Codes.

No Lead Design:
These Water Coolers are certified to be lead-free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Halsey Taylor Water Coolers are manufactured with a waterway system utilizing copper components and completely lead-free materials. These waterways have no lead because all lead materials, such as leaded brass, have been removed. All joints are brazed using silver solder only. No lead solder is permitted. A strainer with an easily cleanable screen is provided to allow trapping and convenient removal of waterborne particulate of 140 microns and larger prior to their entry into the water cooler.

Product Features:
  • Sensor-activated enhanced with user interface graphics.
  • Quick fill rate is 1.5 gallons per minute on refrigerated model and 1.1 gallons per minute on ambient model.
  • Laminar flow provides a clean fill with minimal splash and easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with an automatic 20-second shut-off timer.
  • Key plastic components are integrated with silver ion anti-microbial protection to inhibit growth of mold and mildew.
  • Visual user interface display includes:
    • Green Ticker™ counting the quantity of bottles saved from the landfill.
Refrigeration System:
Unit provides 8 GPH of 50°F drinking water at 90°F ambient air and 80°F inlet water. Hermetically sealed, positive start compressor with lifetime lubrication and built-in overload protection, efficient capillary sizing, large capacity dryer-strainer and self-lubricated fan cools copper/ aluminum condenser. R-134a refrigerant. Protected by Halsey Taylor?s Limited Warranty.

Temperature Control:
Positive sensing thermostat for controlling temperature of storage tank water. Factory set at 50°F adjustable + 5°F.

Inlet Strainer:
Easily cleaned in-line strainer screen traps particles of 140 microns or larger before they enter the waterway.

Ideal Applications:
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Sport and fitness centers
  • Airports
  • Office buildings
  • Other commercial buildings
Optional Accessories:
  • Note: Adding any of the above accessories may delay shipment
Product Details
Manufacturer Halsey Taylor
ADA Compliant Yes
Barrier Free Yes
Cooling Capacity 8 GPH
Freeze Resistant No
GreenSpec Listed No
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Outdoor Rated No
Refrigerated Yes
Vandal Resistant No

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