Halsey Taylor 55897C - WaterSentry VII Replacement Filter Cartridge (for HWF172)

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The Halsey Taylor 55897C - WaterSentry® VII Replacement Filter Cartridge (for HWF172) is designed to remove cysts, such as cryptrosporidium and giardia, lead particles and chlorine. Also reduces odors and discoloration from incoming water.

Halsey Taylor 55897C Features:
  • Quick-Disconnect, 1/4 turn installation
  • Automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when filter is removed
  • Outer protective wrap
  • Spun Polypropylene prefilter mesh to prevent large, coarse sediment and particles from entering and clogging filter media
  • High-grade filter is made with activated carbon and patented ATS lead-removal media
  • Radial flow-thru design provides more surface area for untreated water while final filter mesh prevents loose carbon from entering water
  • Cap and housing shall be made of rust and corrosion free plastic
Halsey Taylor 55897C Designed for:

Halsey Taylor HWF172 - WaterSentry® VII Cyst and Lead Reduction Filter Kit

Filtered Models using 55897C:

Halsey Taylor HAC Series Halsey Taylor WM Series
Halsey Taylor SCWT Series Halsey Taylor S Series
Halsey Taylor OVL II Series (Refrigerated Only) Halsey Taylor HRF Series (Refrigerated Only)
Halsey Taylor RC Series Halsey Taylor BFM Series


Halsey Taylor 55897C has been tested to the following NSF International standards: NSF/ANSI Standards 42 Chlorine, Particulate, and Taste and Odor. NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for Reduction of Lead and Cyst.

Product Details
Manufacturer Halsey Taylor
Model # 55897C
Capacity 1500 Gallons or 1 Year
Max Flow Rate 0.75 GPM
Water Temp Range 40°F - 120°F
Max Line Pressure 105 PSI
Min Line Pressure 20 PSI
Initial Pressure Drop 2-5 PSI
Dimensions 3.25" O.D. x 12.5" Length
Water Inlet: 3/8" O.D. Tube
Water Outlet: 1/4" O.D. Tube

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