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Elkay Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers

Finding the right Elkay drinking fountain or Elkay water cooler to fulfill you needs has never been easier or more affordable thanks to our phenomenal selection. From bottle filling stations to ADA compliant models, we have you covered. Also, be sure to check out other great items from Elkay.
Elkay Refrigerated Water Coolers
Elkay Non-Refrigerated Drinking Fountains
All Elkay Series
EZH2O® Bottle Filling Stations
Elkay EZS Series
Elkay EMABF Mechanically Activated Series
Elkay VRC / VRCGRN Vandal Resistant, GreenSpec® Listed Series
Elkay VRCHD Heavy-Duty, 14 Gauge Vandal Resistant Series
Elkay EHFSA Upright Legacy Series
Elkay FD Standard Space-ette Floor Series
Elkay EFA Deluxe Floor Series
Elkay EWA Deluxe Wall Mount Series
Elkay EWTLA Deluxe Wall Mount Bi-Level Series
Elkay EWCA Compact Wall Mount Series
Elkay HEW Standard Wall Mount, Slant Front Series
Elkay ERFPM Soft Sides Series
Elkay Tubular Steel Outdoor Series
Elkay Stone Aggregate Outdoor Series
Elkay ERPBM Swirlflo® Architectural Refrigerated Series
Elkay ECRSP Soft Sides SlimLine® Series
Elkay ECDF / EDFP 18 Gauge Heavy-Duty, Soft Sides Series
Elkay EDFPB Swirlflo® Architectural Non-Refrigerated Series
Elkay EDFP Soft Sides Series
Elkay EHW 14 Gauge Heavy Duty, Soft Sides Series
Elkay ESWA Simulated Semi-Recessed Series
Elkay EDFP19 Simulated Semi-Recessed Series
Elkay Remote Water Chillers
Elkay EDFB Fully Recessed Non-Refrigerated Series
Elkay EHFR / EFR Fully Recessed Refrigerated Series
Elkay DRKR Countertop Series
Elkay EDF Series
Elkay EDF Premium Composite Material, Soft Sides Series

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