Elkay 60290C - Cartridge Regulator Replacement, Stainless Steel

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This Elkay 60290C Cartridge Regulator Replacement and has a stainless steel body. This drinking fountain regulator is used to control the water pressure as well as turn the water on and off on both Elkay and Halsey Taylot water fountains.

About the Brand:

Elkay USA is a manufacturer of bottle filling stations, water fountains, drinking fountains, water coolers, and remote chillers. The Elkay EZH2O brand includes a wide array of products like bottle fillers, water fountains with bottle fillers, the drinking fountain bottle filler and outdoor bottle filling station. Pittsburgh Water Cooler has been in the drinking water industry for over 70 years, and is a certified supplier of Elkay USA, carrying all their drinking water solution products, including drinking fountains and bottle fillers, as well as the most comprehensive list of replacement parts, from water fountain parts to bottle filler, EZH2O parts alike. Our database of Elkay literature, spec sheets, parts breakdowns and parts diagrams, is extensive, helping the customer easily locate the correct part to repair their Elkay fountain.

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