ELKAY HEW3S1Z Compact Wall Mounted Slant Front 3 GPH Water Cooler (Refrigerated Drinking Fountain)

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The Elkay HEW3S1Z Compact Slant-Front Water Cooler is a self-contained, electric, refrigerated wall-mounted unit with a chilling capacity of 50°F drinking water, based upon 80°F inlet water and 90°F ambient. The HEW3S1Z has stainless steel panels that offer superior durability and performance, and an ultra-compact design for maximum space savings and economy. The drinking fountain has a Flexi-Guard StreamSaver Bubbler®, which provides a flexible antimicrobial mouth guard to protect against injury and microorganisms. The HEW3S1Z has a lead free design which meets Safe Drinking Water Act, and is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and California AB1953, as well as UL399 and CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 120.


  • Ultra-compact design for maximum space savings and economy.
  • Mechanical push-button bubbler activation continues to provide water when electrical service is interrupted.
  • Stainless steel finish is corrosion resistant and attractive.
  • Provides chilled, refreshing drinking water.
  • Flexi-Guard bubbler provides a flexible antimicrobial mouth guard to protect against injury and microorganisms.
  • Rated for indoor use.

Cooling System:

  • Motor Compressor:
    Hermetically-sealed, reciprocating type, single phase. Sealed-in lifetime lubrication.
  • Condenser:
    Fan cooled, copper tube with aluminum fins. Fan motor is permanently lubricated.
  • Cooling Unit:
    Combination tube-tank type. Self cleansing. Tube portion is continuous coil of copper tubing. Tank is stainless steel. Fully insulated with EPS foam which meets Underwriters Laboratories Inc. requirements for self-extinguishing material.
  • Refrigerant Control:
    Refrigerant HFC-134a is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube for positively trouble-free operation.
  • Temperature Control:
    Enclosed adjustable thermostat is factory preset. Requires no adjustment other than for altitude requirements. Easily accessible.

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Product Details

ADA Compliant
Barrier Free
Cooling Capacity
Freeze Resistant
Outdoor Rated
Vandal Resistant

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