ELKAY ER301 30 GPH Remote Water Chiller

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The Elkay ER301 Remote Water Chiller is a remote type, electric refrigerated unit with a chilling capacity of 29.5 gallons per hour of 50°F drinking water, based upon 80°F inlet water and 90°F ambient. The Elkay ER301 is a compact, highly efficient water chiller designed for use with any drinking fountain and connects to a bubbler, glass filler or cold water dispenser. The Elkay ER301 converts a drinking fountain into a water cooler and installs directly under fountain or other application, or may be located in a service area to serve up to two remote outlets (within 15 feet of chiller recommended). Also recommended for photo-processing, medical or experimental laboratories and a pre-cooler for beverage dispensing.

No Lead Design:
The Elkay ER301 is certified to be lead-free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Elkay Water Coolers are manufactured with a waterway system utilizing copper components and completely lead-free materials. The Elkay ER301 waterways have no lead because all lead materials, such as leaded brass, have been removed. All joints are brazed using silver solder only. No lead solder is permitted. A strainer with an easily cleanable screen is provided to allow trapping and convenient removal of waterborne particulate of 140 microns and larger prior to their entry into the water cooler.

Elkay ER301 Cooling System:
  • Motor Compressor:
    Hermetically sealed, reciprocating type, 3/4 HP, 115VAC, 60 Hz single phase. Sealed-in lifetime oil supply.
  • Power:
    Rated 14.0 Amps, 1290 Watts.
  • Condenser:
    Fan cooled, copper tube with aluminum fins. Fan motor is permanently lubricated.
  • Cooling Unit:
    Combination tube-tank type. Evaporator cooling coil of continuous copper tubing. Tank is stainless steel with a volume of 0.7 gallons. All water contacts stainless steal surfaces. Fully insulated.
  • Refrigerant Control:
    Refrigerant HFC-134a is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube for positively trouble-free performance.
  • Temperature Control:
    Enclosed adjustable thermostat is factory preset. Requires no adjustment other than for altitude requirements.
Elkay ER301 Construction:
  • Cabinet:
    Rust-resistant, galvanized steel.
  • Drain Plug:
    This chiller is provided with a plastic drain plug which incorporates an o-ring seal. This fitting is designed for potable water applications and should be replaced with a suitable fitting if chiller is used with more aggressive liquids.
Elkay ER301 Category:
Product Details
Manufacturer Elkay
Model # ER301
ADA Compliant No
Barrier Free No
Cooling Capacity 30 GPH
Freeze Resistant No
GreenSpec Listed No
Installation Type Remote Water Chiller
Outdoor Rated No
Refrigerated Yes
Vandal Resistant No